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Dumpster Rental Parenting Tips: Teaching Children to Be Safe Around Trash!

Dumpster Rental: Bears in DumpsterAs your Indianapolis dumpster rental company, we understand the importance of teaching children to be safe around trash and dumpsters, and making recycling an easy habit to live by. Empowering children to maintain and improve the cleanliness of the world we live in will impact everything and everyone using its space, and utilizing proper methods of garbage disposal will help keep children safe for the potential hazards of rental dumpsters and waste.


Toss it, Leave it, or tell Someone Else?

As your local Indianapolis dumpster rental company, we have some rules on things you either can or cannot toss into our rental dumpsters. These regulations are implemented to keep our customers and employees safe from potential dangers and toxins found in trash. Children, however, may not understand what objects to discard themselves, and which to leave alone or tell an adult.

Toss or recycle: newspaper, plastic bags, plastic can holders, candy wrappers, and tin foil containers

Leave it alone: drink cans, nails, aerosols, tires, dirty diaper, and condoms

Tell an Adult: animal waste, chemical containers, car battery, medicines, and syringes (source here)


Dumpster Rental 101: Teach Children to be Safe Around Dumpsters!

Renting local dumpsters and garbage trucks can be a fascinating process for children to observe- they’re big, make noises and hold a lot of stuff! This, however, holds potential danger to your children.

Here are some tips to share with children on ways to be protected around dumpsters and garage trucks:

  • Avoid standing or playing behind the trucks, as they might not be able to see you
  • Don’t climb onto trucks-this is very dangerous
  • Stay at least 15 feet away from dumpsters and garbage cans
  • Don’t allow children to load garbage into a garbage truck

Talkin’ Trash?

In addition to teaching children ways to properly dispose of trash and stay safe around it, it’s just as crucial to teach children the significance of recycling. Educating children to recycle is morally right, and can help them live a more environmentally safe and healthy life for years to come.

Did you know…

  • Less than 35 percent of households currently recycle.
  • If the United States improved our recycling percentage to 75 percent, the result will be astounding. This effort will generate 1 and a half million new jobs and have the equivalent environmental impact of removing about 50 million cars off the road every year.
  • Americans toss about 2 and a half million plastic bottles every hour
  • Every one ton of paper we recycle saves about 17 trees
  • Glass has the ability to be endlessly recycled and re-manufactured. *

*Source: Recycle Across American (read more interesting facts on recycling here)


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