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Garage Remodeling Tips and Trends from your Local Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Company

You want to make the most of your home’s space, so you consider remodeling, but have you considered taking a look at your garage? Modern garages have been transformed from their classic utilitarian function to efficient dream rooms. Nowadays, garages do more than solely act as a place to store your cars and tacky seasonal décor; they have the potential to act as your dream space, without adding additional and costly rooms.

As your local Indianapolis dumpster rental company, we’ve seen several successful garage remodeling jobs, that have transformed the way people feel about their homes. We’ve gathered some tips and trends to give you some insight on renovating your old storage room into an enjoyable living space.

Garage Remodeling Tips

• Personalize it!
Your garage can be personalized into anything you choose! If you need an area to act as a workplace, install a workbench or office desk. If you desire an area to getaway and relax, place a coffee table and comfy couch to lounge in. Decorate your garage with plants, photos, inspiration quotes, etc.! Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch! Without it, your new garage simply wont be as enjoyable as it should.

• Modernize it!
Modern technology has become important in just about every homeowner’s life. As your Indy dumpster rental company, we understand the need for it! Adding simple technological additions during your remodeling process such as Wi-Fi capabilities and additional outlets can make all the difference.

• Live in it!
Making your new garage “livable” can be done with necessary additions such as adding insulation to keep the temperature comfortable and pluming for an added sink. You might also consider re-painting the floors or installing new tile flooring. We can help you get rid of older flooring by helping you choose the right dumpster rental size.

Garage Remodeling Trends

• The bigger, the better! Modern lifestyles have resulted in the need for at least 3-car garage sizes.
• Put it out back! Newer garages are being place in the back of the home to emphasize the front of the home, instead of the garage.
• Add more function without sacrificing space: Install bins, pullout storage, and wall hooks that don’t interfere with open space, but instead are the solution to having more space!
• Use this extra space for an additional playroom for children or a hobby area for activities such as exercise, television watching or yoga!


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