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Tips from your Local Indy Dumpster Rental: Keeping your Community Clean

As your local Indy dumpster rental company, we get asked questions all the time on ways people can make the communities in and surrounding Indianapolis cleaner and safer. Here are our top 9 tips on making the change in your community!

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Tip #1: Thank people when they use the bins appropriately

This might feel slightly strange at first, but try and thank your community members for throwing away their trash appropriately if you witness it! Often people avoid using public recycling bins due to a lack of willingness to sort through their trash. If you spot someone correctly sorting and disposing their waste, acknowledge their actions by saying a quick “thanks”!

Tip #2: Donate clothes and other reusable goods

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Instead of throwing away stuff you don’t want anymore, donate them! Not only are people in your community in need, throwing away clothing and household goods is extremely wasteful.


Tip #3: Make the systems more accessible and easier to read

If your community lacks suitably marked trash and recycle bins, it may be a good idea to contact your local authorities to try and make throwing away waste both easier and more convenient as an incentive to keep your community clean.

Tip #4: Don’t just throw your trash, throw it away!

While this tip might seem obvious, we just had to include it. Don’t throw trash on the ground; throw it in the garage bin. Dirtying your community by ineffectively disposing of waste will eventually bite back and affects everyone and everything around you including surface water, soil, and air pollution.


Tip #5: Avoid throwing everything away

If something is broken or unwanted, try and fix it before tossing it in the trash! If you can’t fix it yourself, ask yourself if you could donate or sell it to someone who can. This can help you keep your community both clean and resourceful.


Tip #6: Don’t use wasteful products

Ever noticed that a newly purchased product is made from mostly or only recycled materials? Buying only these items is one way to help support businesses that practice environmentally friendly standards.


Tip #7: Avoid burning trash

While burning trash might seem less wasteful, burning trash is often actually very harmful to the environment. Trash burning is harmful to you and everyone around you- as the chemicals created and released from this process has been proven harmful to your heath. Heath issues such as heart disease and asthma have been attributed to these chemicals, and are especially harmful to children (source: dontburnvt.com)


Tip #8: Support environmentally safe legislation

As a local Indy dumpster rental company, we support local businesses! Buying responsibly means supporting environmentally friendly business and farmers. Support your local farmer’s markets – cut back on unnecessary packaging buy buying local produce from nearby farms and vendors.


Tip #9: Pick up a piece of litter everyday

Reduce your wasteful footprint everyday by simply picking up a piece of trash once or twice a day. This minimal effort habit will have long-term positive effects in cleaning up your community.


So, there you have it! Let us know: Do you have any other tips for keeping your community clean?

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