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Holiday Tips and Facts from your Dumpster Hauling Company: Halloween

Holiday Tips and Facts from your Dumpster Hauling Company: Halloween

As your local Indianapolis dumpster hauling company, we aren’t only busy in the warmer months. In fact, Halloween season for Greenway Dumpsters is booming! Our customers love Halloween (and so do we), so we’ve decided to put together a helpful, informative and fun-filled infographic (cue eerie music). This year, 64% of adults older than the age of 18 plan to celebrate Halloween. Don’t be a party pooper; plan your Halloween activities accordingly!

You go to the pumpkin patch, take some cute family photos, carve a scary face, and throw it away after a week. That’s all fun, but consider doing more with the pumpkins you purchase by utilizing them as more than a simple decoration.

  • Vase for flowers or candles: a simple and inexpensive DIY that adds the perfect Halloween charm!
  • Bird or animal feeder: place bird seeds in a carved pumpkin and watch your backyard come to life (see below for more info on bird feeding in October)
  • A yummy side dish: cut up your pumpkin and throw the pieces in the oven at 400 degrees for a couple hours. Add fresh pumpkin puree into mashed potatoes or even make a pumpkin pie! The pumpkin possibilities are endless. For thorough instructions on baking pumpkin, we recommend checking out Food Network’s “Pumpkin Puree”
  • A delicious snack: consider baking your pumpkin seeds for a snack!
  • The promise of more pumpkins next year: Why not try keeping some seeds and creating a mini pumpkin patch in your backyard for future Halloweens to come?
  • Compost your pumpkin: a simple and smart way to dispose of your pumpkin (check out our blog/infographic highlighting composting!)

Tips from your Dumpster Hauling Company: Prepping your Backyard this Fall Season

People have misconceptions about home renovations and outdoors home improvements: they think people only do it during the hot, summer months or during spring-cleaning. Well we have some news for you: these people are wrong (have you seen our “Fall Cleaning Checklist?”)

Halloween season is a busy time for Indianapolis dumpster hauling company!

October is a great time to install a fire pit, as they add appeal and enjoyment into your outdoor space. Consider building your own, or call your local hardware store and pick up a DIY fire pit for an easier option.

It’s a perfect time for people to explore building a deck or patio, as the greenery is typically dormant, resulting in less impact. Plus, contractors are often less busy during the fall, meaning you might score a cheaper option (hooray for off-season rates!) Greenway Dumpsters loves helping out customers with refurbishing an old deck! We offer 10, 15, 20, and 25 cubic yard rental dumpsters that are perfect for disassembling a deck.

Why not install a bird feeder or two? Some birds stick around for the winter and will spend time in your nourishing backyard. Birds can add a charm and life back into your home.

Check out the infographic from your local dumpster hauling company below for more fun ideas and spooky facts to help celebrate Halloween better this year!


Dumpster Hauling Company Halloween Infographic

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