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Indiana Dumpster Rental Tips 101: The Fall cleanup checklist and guide
2014 Buffalo, NY Snow Storm

This guy must have forgotten to do his “Fall Cleaning!”

The weather is beginning to cool down and leaves are beginning to change. It’s that time of the year, time for you and your family to begin mentally preparing for the colder season. The autumn season is beautiful time of the year, and the perfect opportunity to also physically prepare for the winter months. You practice Spring-cleaning, so why not do the same for the time of the year you spend the majority of your time inside your home?

Give “Fall Cleaning” a chance and be more comfortable this winter. You may not choose or need to perform a full-blown deep clean such as what you would typically do in the spring, but a good cleanup can help tremendously.

In Indiana, the winters can be brutal! Here are some tips from your Indiana dumpster rental company that will help you fight the cold with confidence.


Indiana Dumpster Rental Tips 101:

The Fall cleanup checklist and guide


  • Clean those windows (and dust blinds!)
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Disinfect and clean handles (doorknobs, dresser handles, etc.)
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Clean glass and mirrors


  • Clean oven
  • Clean out pantry and fridge


  • Wash sheets, blankets and comforters
  • Switch summer bedding to warmer, winter bedding
  • Flip all mattresses
  • Store away summer clothing and wash winter clothing


  • Put in those storm windows
  • Wash high-traffic areas (driveway and patio)
  • Wipe down and store away outdoor furniture
  • Close outdoor recreational areas (pools, trampolines, etc.)
  • Power wash exterior of house if necessary

Getting your indoor and outdoor areas and yard prepped for the winter could be challenging for some. Greenway Dumpsters has helped our customers prep their space with our smaller dumpster rental options. As difficult as it might be, sometimes simply throwing away items is the best way to prepare for the winter.

Throw these 5 things away this fall season

Your Indiana dumpster rental company wants to help you de-clutter this season…

1. Paperwork and receipts you don’t need anymore
Do you really need those receipts for last year’s trip to the grocery store? Of course not! Throw away the paperwork and receipts you simply won’t need. It’ll make a big difference without a lot of effort.

2. Old or unused electronics
Cords are messy, why keep bulking and easy tangled electronics around? Donate the ones you can and toss the rest!

3. Unworn clothes and unpaired clothing items
If you can, give gently worn clothes to thrift stores. For items with a pair (socks!) or stuff you can’t wear, toss them in the trash! It’s now or never.

4. Children’s toys and games
Keep children’s games and toys that hold value or nostalgia, but definitely don’t keep the one’s missing half the pieces and collecting it’s 10th year of dust.

5. Expired items
While seemingly obvious, keep it mind that nail polishes, makeup, and food items all have an expiration date!

As your local IN dumpster rental company, we want to help you prioritize fall season cleaning! To learn more about dumpster rental in Indiana for residential purposes, click here or call our customer service representatives at 317-617-9464.


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