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Indianapolis Winter Dumpster Rentals

Winter Weather Is Here

And for anyone planning to go through with a dumpster rental from Greenway Dumpsters this season, it’s important to address the safety concerns that come along with potentially dangerous conditions.

Wintertime Precautions

Here are a few tips on staying safe during harsh weather conditions when using a dumpster:

  • This may seem pretty basic, but make sure that there is a clear and safe pathway to and from the dumpster. Carrying items to a dumpster is sometimes a task in itself, and making sure that your pathway is clear and free of ice will most definitely help to keep you from accidentally slipping or tripping over anything.
  • Dress appropriately. Even if you think you’ll be fine, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures can cause frostbite, particularly if you are going to be coming into frequent contact with freezing metal. Keep as much of your body covered as possible to shield against harsh winds and temperatures.
  • Some individuals climb into dumpsters to rearrange items more efficiently. We don’t suggest this unless absolutely necessary. Freezing metal is slippery and can significantly increase your changes of falling.
  • Consider covering up the locks and latches on the dumpster. Preventing them from freezing could really save you a lot of time trying to get them back open. Another trick is to use hand sanitizer to melt away any ice accumulation. Don’t strain yourself!

We just love our customers, and we hope you stay safe during any winter conditions while using your dumpster. For any other roll-off dumpster rental inquiries, contact Greenway Dumpsters of Indianapolis, Indiana! 317-617-9464. You can even schedule your delivery online!

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