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Top 5 Tips to Consider Before Remodeling
  1. Find inspiration and make it your own

Remodeling_HomeEvery renovation or remodel begins with inspiration, which can essentially come from anything! People get inspired from anything: a commercial, online, a book, simply because outside – the possibilities are endless. Once you find inspiration, consider researching how your inspiration can be implemented into your renovation.

Inspired by vintage black and white movies? Try out a black and white trendy color palette in your kitchen. What about a recent vacation to France? Go for Mediterranean-plated bathroom walls.

Sketching is one of the easiest ways to find inspiration to remodel a room in your home. Try jotting down your ideas or sketching out your dream room to help you visualize exactly what you want.

  1. Plan ahead

While this might seem like a given, planning ahead is a crucial and in-depth step that is often overlooked. Ask yourself some questions: Will I be moving within the next few years? Will this add or decrease value in my home? Will I enjoy this in the future? It’s always important to think ahead before beginning the remodel process before your dreams become a semi-permanent reality.

Planning also includes remembering that there are always possible issues associated with remodeling. Renovating requires good communication, much preparation, and adequate equipment. Distress is somewhat of a given, so be sure to plan ahead for these situations. Take necessary breaks and always time your time.

Planning also includes arranging outside services necessary to complete your renovation. Things like renting storage, equipment, and rental dumpsters can all be scheduled appropriately around the times that work best for you and your renovation team.

  1. Find a partner or two

Most likely, you cannot do the entire renovation process on your own. Typically, you’ll need some help from a variety of professions, like contractors, designers, painters, architects, movers, and dumpster rental servicemen. Be sure to research every company you choose and go beyond a reference check. Ask questions according to your needs, not theirs.

  1. Set a budget

Often, remodeling requires more money than you expected. To properly budget, try making a list to categorize your items based on things you need and things you could have if your budget pertains. You often need new windows, but might not have the budget for a certain trim or window accessories.

    1. De-clutter

De-cluttering, in reality, should be your first steps in the remodeling process. It’s crucial to have an organized and clean space prior to the renovation so you can properly visualize and measure each aspect of everything you wish to do. Often, you will encounter more junk than you realized. In this case, consider calling a dumpster rental company to help make the process go much smoother.

What are your remodeling plans for the upcoming warmer season?

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