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Recycled Easter Eggs

There are TONS of Easter Egg hunts going on in Indianapolis this weekend…

(they’ve been going on each weekend since late March!) and we’re assuming you’ll find yourself at at least one of them! If not, you’re probably DIYing it for free at home, which is even better. Regardless, you’re bound to have a pile of over 300 eggs taking over a section of your home that they just do not need to be in. Typically, people toss em. They’re cheap, easy to refill, and very available in even grocery stores these days.

We found a few great ways to re purpose those cheap little thrills! First – have your Easter Egg Hunt, and as a suggestion you should have an egg-return bucket at the end of the day so you’re not finding egg halves all over your lawn for the next 5 months. Then, take them and get creative! Using stone fleck spray, you can make these babies look like they’re at least $5.00 a piece – put them in a dollar store glass vase and you’ve got yourself a DIY designer display. The possibilities are probably endless here, but this one was our favorite.



Have your own ideas about re purposing Easter eggs? Share them on our social media pages! We love to hear from you!

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