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Now is The Time For Fall Clean out

Indiana weather is unpredictable and soon warm weather will be a distant memory. Many of us are now left with a collection of unwanted items at the end of the season.

A fall-clean out is the best way to get your home ready for upcoming holiday guests, clean up from summer remodel projects, or reclaiming valuable space being taken over by old outdated junk. Our dumpster rental service can help with any size project. We know you are busy and that’s why we offer the convenience of scheduling delivery online.

How to Start your Fall Clean-Out

1. Organize and Categorize

Go through all of the items you may consider to be junk. Organize into
separate groups; yes, no, and maybe. Set all items of to the side in the
maybe group to come back to at a later time.

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2. Determine what items can be Recycled

Many times items around your house can be recycled especially
appliances, washers and dryers, A/C Units, and more. Work with a
professional dumpster service, like Greenway Dumpsters, who
specializes in recycling common household items.

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3. Go Back to the Maybes

If you are having trouble trying to determine what out of the maybe
group you should get rid of, allow yourself to keep one or two items
out of this group. All the other items toss into the your yes group you
previously set aside.

Cleaning out your house this Fall can be easy and convenient with a dumpster rental. Take the stress out of getting rid of unwanted items that have been taking up space in your house. We offer a variety of different size dumpsters to meet your needs. Call us today at 1-855-317-DUMP to speak with a one of our professional staff members and reserve your dumpster.

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