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Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Benefits

We know, it may sound excessive. “You need a DUMPSTER?!” Just to remove junk! But seriously, guys, doing it without is ACTUALLY excessive. Removing junk and garbage from a big project, remodel, or move can seriously exhaust you, making you never want to do it again!

That’s why Greenway is here to say – RENT A DUMPSTER!

Why? Because…

  1. It’s so easy (at Greenway Dumpsters especially)! Call to talk about what you’re getting rid of, how much, and when, and we’ll hook you up with a correctly sized, clean, and non-damaging dumpster on the day and time you think will be best for you. We’re not going to sell you on a bunch of extra features or hide any fees – it’s a dumpster rental. Plain, simple, easy-to-do. You can even schedule your drop off and pickup online.
  2. Since most average consumers don’t have a permit to dump at the landfill, consider how much you’re getting rid of. Also, consider the fact that at Greenway Dumpsters, we recycle all of that junk (no matter how much!) We want to do our part in making an environmental change – so should you! With our dumpster rental services, you’re doing just that with no extra fees included.
  3. Renovations and bigger projects are made easier. Your trash cans will not be big enough, you’ll be unloading truck after truck of junk, and wasting gas and energy in the meantime. Save yourself time and money!
  4. We have a very wide range of sizes, and our hook-lift system makes it easy to maneuver into complicated spots. You’ll be able to pick which size will fit your project best and if you’re still unsure after looking at our sizes online, you can call any time and one of our friendly staff members will be there to advise you (not sell you) on what size we think would work best for you.


Overall, renting a dumpster WILL save you time and money, as well as offering a convenient option for your household. Give us a call to schedule your dumpster drop off today!

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Dumpster Service Made Easy!

  • Schedule your delivery online.
  • Wide selection of dumpster sizes available.
  • Reliable, Clean and Safe.
  • Professional delivery that
    respects your property.
  • Timely pickup and delivery.
  • Courteous drivers to put your interests first.

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