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Halloween Hacks • Recycling and Reducing Waste

We pride ourselves on our recycling promise to our clients.

Why not spread around the joy of what recycling can help you achieve on a daily basis? Here are some awesome ideas for a reduced-waste Halloween in 2017!

  • Make your own costume! This one can be ultra-helpful when it comes to recycling. Look for things in your home already that could be re-purposed into parts of your costume, like boxes or cardboard. Think thrift-store if you can’t find anything laying around.
  • Don’t throw away your pumpkins! Most of the time we get excited and carve pumpkins way early in the season, leaving us with a bunch of yucky, moldy pumpkin shells. This time, think ahead and choose to compost it or to toss it out to your local animals as a delicious snack!

  • Americans spend tons of money (literally over 41 MILLION pounds of waste is produced) on Halloween. Try saving that money on Halloween decor, candy, costumes, and more by looking for things you already have in the house. Make your own special treats or thoughtful DIY handouts, and use natural elements for decor that you can keep around and use year after year.
  • Leave the car at home! Get some exercise, make it a priority to dress warm if necessary, and avoid the extra air pollutants at least one night.

There are plenty of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle your Halloween items – just think outside the box!

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