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Greenway Holiday!

Happy Friday Indianapolis! We hope everyone is excited for the holiday weekend, I know we sure are. We do want to mention how awesome each and every one of our loyal customers have been this year, and we are so

Greenwood Community in Indianapolis

It’s Great to Live in Greenwood! A family-oriented community, Greenwood seems to be a popular destination for those looking to live near the big city, but want a more suburban lifestyle. It’s one of the most affordable suburbs in America,

Indianapolis Dumpster Rental Benefits

We know, it may sound excessive. “You need a DUMPSTER?!” Just to remove junk! But seriously, guys, doing it without is ACTUALLY excessive. Removing junk and garbage from a big project, remodel, or move can seriously exhaust you, making you

Green Community – Fishers Indiana
fishers indiana dumpster rental prices

Another Community Shoutout! Fishers – We’re Looking At You! The spotlight is on Fishers this week – where we provide loyal customers an easy dumpster pickup/drop off system, just as we offer to the rest of the surrounding Indianapolis area!

Avon Indiana Dumpster Rental Services

Avon – We’ll Bring Our Dumpsters to You! Although we’re based in “Indianapolis”, Greenway Dumpsters serves the city of Avon, Indiana too! We’re here to offer all the same flat-rates, no-nonsense services, and peace of mind. Creating a system that

Come Together! (& Rent a Dumpster in Indianapolis!)

Okay, so maybe you’re stuck in the middle of needing to rent a dumpster or a very, very large trash can. (I promise, the dumpster will be more convenient!) Have you considered pooling together with neighbors? friends? family? a school

Help to Stop Illegal Dumping
illegal dumping indianapolis sign

Know Where to Stash Your Trash Did you know that illegal trash dumping is actually a punishable offense? Illegal dumping is basically the disposal of waste in an non-permitted area. People continually practice this to avoid fees, time, and effort,

Local Involvement
indianapolis local photo skyline

A little bit goes a long way. You don’t have to write a fat check to a huge charity to make a difference anymore. Support your local businesses instead! Use local involvement in ways like volunteering to help and offering

Indianapolis Airport Business!

Flying into Indianapolis any time soon? Check us out! We’re hanging out next to the Indy Airport runway. Look for us next to the runway and snap an aerial photo for us. Then post it here and we will send

Serious Versatility!

In the crowded mess of the city, its hard to think a dumpster could fit in certain spaces. With the versatility and ease of using a hook-lift style dumpster, we’re able to get that dumpster into those spots. We’re proud

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